Russian Oil on Canvas Signed Z. Senebriakova 1965Swiss Oil on Board Signed Klee "Fiona 9/3"French Oil on Canvas Signed Le Corbusier
DoneFeb 10, 2022 3:26 PM EST
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
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888 Auctions has an upcoming live and online auction on February 10th, 2022 at 2:00 PM. All figures are in USD. 888 Auctions presents a collection of 225 items up for auction: Stamps, Money, and Gemstones: Lot 1-53 Jewellery and Watches: Lot 54-61 Stone, Nephrite, and Jadeite: Lot 62-76 Paintings and Textiles: Lot 77-162 Snuff Bottles, Glassware and Ceramics: Lot 163-181 Metalware: Lot 182-190 Memorabilia and Books & Manuscripts: Lot 191-209 Natural History, Wood, Furniture, Insturuments: Lot 210-225 Preview of lots can be arranged by appointment only. Contact us at support@888auctions.com for specific lot inquiries and condition reports.
Lot Number: Lowest
10 Sheets of Stamps 1920s: Movie stars, 1920s collections, animals, 1910s collections, first day issues poster cards
0002: 10 Sheets of Stamps 1920sEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
Thai Coins King Phumiphol: Collection of Thai coins, minted under King Phumiphol. 21 x 16 cm. 277 grams (including case).
0009: Thai Coins King PhumipholEst. $50-$80
See Sold Price
Republic of China 21st Year Junk Dollar: Chinese Coin. Obverse: Bust of Sun Yat-sen facing left with Chinese ideograms above. Lettering (romanized): ZHONG HUA MING GUO ER SHI YI NIAN. Reverse: Two-masted ship (a junk) sailing right with a
0011: Republic of China 21st Year Junk DollarEst. $50-$80
See Sold Price
USA Standing Liberty Quarter 1986: USA coin. Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Standing Liberty Quarter. Obverse: Image of standing Liberty. Lettering: LIBERTY IN GOD WE TRUST 1986. Reverse: Eagle in flight. Lettering: UNITED
0012: USA Standing Liberty Quarter 1986Est. $50-$80
See Sold Price
Chinese Qing Coin Collection Sword: Chinese coin collection. Qing coins bound with red string into the form of a sword. 50 x 11 cm, 479 grams.
0014: Chinese Qing Coin Collection SwordEst. $300-$600See Sold Price
Chinese Gilt Bronze Coin: Chinese gilt bronze coin. With square in centre. Obverse: "Taiping Tian Guo". Reverse: "Sheng Bao". Diameter: 6 cm. 59 grams.
0015: Chinese Gilt Bronze CoinEst. $400-$600See Sold Price
Republic of China Hongxian Emperor Coin: Chinese coin, commemorating the inauguration of Hongxian Emperor. Obverse: Bust of Yuan Shikai facing forward wearing a plummeted hat. Reverse: Wing dragon flying left with Chinese ideograms above
0020: Republic of China Hongxian Emperor CoinEst. $50-$80
See Sold Price
1986 2 Dollar Canadian Bill: Canadian paper money. 1986 2 dollar bill. Serial number: EGE9465052
0021: 1986 2 Dollar Canadian BillEst. $10-$20
See Sold Price

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