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News about Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí is regarded as a very eccentric artistic genius of the 20th century. Dalí revolutionized the art landscape, as a leader of the Surrealist movement. The famous Spanish Surrealist is best known for his work in the realm of Surrealism, a type of artistic expression that explores the creative aspect of the unconscious mind. Along with his contemporaries Surrealists, Dalí was heavily influenced by Sigmund Freud’s theories regarding subconscious imagery. Artists who were involved with this movement aimed to change the world by shifting people's perspectives and depicting dream images in paint. Dalí exposed the aspects of himself, his deepest thoughts and fears, through Surrealism. He was attracted to Surrealism's most shocking, revolting and insulting aspects. Some of the surrealist techniques that Dalí incorporated into his works include a mix of contrary elements, symbolic figures and hidden meanings. One of his trademarks was the use of double images to create a visual puzzle. During the years, Dalí's works have adorned the walls of many museums and still are the most sought-after among art lovers. He was ab


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